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PRIMA idee B.V. has invented and engineered a brand new product; The YOU·P®.

The YOU · P ® is a smartphone holder to use in restrooms!

More than 95% of the people do actually take their smartphones into the restroom
More than 25%  of these people have dropped their expensive smartphone in the toilet!

The YOU · P ® is not only the solution for this problem, it is also an advertising carrier.
The interchangeable YOU · P ®- cover is very suitable for advertising messages and logos.

See you-p.com for more info about the YOU·P.

See prima-idee.nl for more info about PRIMA idee B.V.


YOU-P smartphone holder


Do you ever take your smartphone to the restroom and wonder where you can store it safe and hygienic? 

YOU·P® is the hands-free solution!


YOU-P Telefoon WC Smartphonehouder


The YOU·P®-smartphone holder is a safe and super convenient solution for this problem.

A YOU·P® can also be installed by sinks, in the kitchen, next to you bedside table, in offices, in public areas
and so fort. A YOU·P® is perfectly suited to install anywhere you wish to have a permanent and safe place for your smartphone.

The inner size of a YOU·P is 8,1 cm.
99% of all phones fit in a YOU·P
FYI: An iPhone 6 Plus & 7 Plus (thé biggest iPhone models) are almost 7,8 cm wide.
Tip: Measure the width of your phone including the phone case.

Companies: YOU · P ® a new advertisement carrier!

The YOU · P ® -cover is very suitable to put on an advertising message or your logo. A new way to bring your message into restrooms in the corporate or hospitality industry. 

 YOU-P klepjes smartphonehouder

Place your favorite YOU · P ® cover

Our YOU · P ®- covers are available separately from a holder. So everybody can exchange covers to their wishes. The replaceable covers will always fit your interior design.

Replacing YOU · P ®-covers

The covers of the YOU · P ® can easily be replaced.
Even when the YOU · P ®-holder has been mounted solid as a rock to the wall.
The only thing you need is a standard flat head screwdriver.
Place the screwdriver in the opening at the back of the YOU · P ®-holder and push the screwdriver
quietly but firmly right up.


This is how to (re)place a cover

Inklikken you-p klepje in you-p smartphonehouder

Click the cover into the holder

To place a YOU · P ®-cover into a YOU · P ®-holder speaks for itself. Slide first the top 2 catchesof the cover in the holder and then push firmly with your thumbs on the bottom of the cover until you hear a click.


YOU·P® installation

A YOU·P® can easily be mounted to the wall with double-sided tape, the tape is already on the back of the holder.

you-p bevestiging smartphonehouder

you-p smartphonehouder bevestiging

Think carefully where you want to place the YOU · P ®-holder, the double-sided tape is very strong!

But we advise you if possible to (also) use a screw

If you wish to remove the YOU · P ®-holder after using the tape DO NOT try to pull it off the wall with force! There is chance it will break. To remove the YOU · P ®-holder use a putty knife and carefully slide this from every direction behind the holder where the tape is stuck to the wall. It will come off in one piece. Always use new piece of double-sided tape after removing it from the wall!

Would you like more security? There is a screw hole at the back of the YOU · P ®-holder and
a standard screw included, placed behind the cover.


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